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Hatching Green

Our in-house designer, Susan Roach, approached the brief by first separating the space into two, which meant the removal of one of the doors and working within a smaller space. This allowed for a ‘corridor’ to be created which connected the bathroom to the dressing room and bedroom. The palette of the bedroom was calm and incorporated blue and different tones of white, our designer was inspired by this scheme so opted for Carrara Marble, brushed nickel metals and touches of pastel blue throughout to elevate the bedroom interior further and embrace the cooler evening light. The brushed nickel hardware adds an elegant metallic touch to the space and lifts the interior.

  A small challenge Susan encountered during the design of the project was the limited head height of the dormer. The client initially believed that a bath couldn’t fit in the space, so our designer suggested working with the dormer by rotating the bath 90 degrees and utilising it to frame a freestanding bath, thereby transforming a challenge into a feature of the bathroom. This approach worked remarkably well, and the bath was able to fit seamlessly within the dormer. To enhance the effect, our designer created a tile rug with different format marble tiles and framing it with a darker marble tone to highlight the bath, effectively creating a dedicated bathing space within the room. The materials used are real Carrara marble on the floors, white teardrop marble tile behind the W/C and basin splash-back and darker marble around the bath.

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