Root round & square

The Root Round and Square faucet series collection is based on rounded soft and square bold design elements that empowers the creation of the ideal bathroom. The collection, which offers the most generous variety of VitrA history in product type, color finishings and sizes brings ease to create personalized and eye-catching bathrooms easier.

The collection includes a variety of options including bathtub mixers, kitchen mixers and built-in combined bath and shower mixers with matching shower system options.The Built-in bath and shower mixers are compatible with our all-in-one V-Box concealed solution including thermostatic, mechanic or aquacontrol options.

Exquisite colour variations

Both Round and Square versions achieve a minimalist aesthetic, and are available in a variety of colours. Mixers are available in chrome, gold, copper, brushed nickel or matt black finish to suit your bathroom. Each piece in the collection is coated using advanced technology to preserve the colour for years.

Root Round & Root Square

Root Round offers a sophisticated and contemporary range for those who seeks diversity and functionality together.

Root Square brings a bold and modern look to your bathroom with its neat design elements and stunning color options.

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