Every project is unique with different needs. To meet these needs, ArchiPlan Collection was carefully designed as an ideal solution for homes, hotels, restaurants, cafes and bars, especially those with smaller bathrooms. This collection of bathroom furniture, sanitaryware and accessories offers smart, durable solutions to enable seamless planning.

A new dimensionin design

Along with various width options, the ArchiPlan Collection offers a new dimension in bathroom design with outstanding flexibility including various depth options.

Planning is made easy for spaces with width options starting from 45 cm wide with a 38 cm depth, along with 60 cm and 90 cm widths with a 28 cm and 38 cm depth.

Every space matters

Reflecting the design philosophy of the
ArchiPlan Collection, maximised storage spaces
turn bathrooms into living spaces. The collection
offers ultimate convenience with storage
solutions in the cabinets and drawers along with
metal shelves.

Increased storage space

By not limiting the available space within the cabinets, the metal shelves add extra storage solutions that are flexible and customisable.

Born from an elegant blend of black metal and ceramic, this accessory unit with a ceramic shelf offers extra space for everyday items.

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